My passion and enthusiasm for extremely complex topics allows me to explore philosophical questions and always makes me see new opportunities for changes. In my work I find it highly important to take others along in this journey; together we shape the future and we have a choice in how we shape it.

I seek and expand problems by provoking discussion and critical reflection amongst groups and individuals. I do this through thought experiments, which are embodied as speculative designs executed through various media. If you work with me, you'll notice that I am curious and open to uncertainty, difficult (or "weird") questions and complexity.

My awareness of the political and philosophical load that my artefacts, opinions, thoughts and words carry makes me able to make choices; what (and for which ideal) do we implement technology for? This is by times a difficult question, but my speculative designs help by providing a safe and comfortable space for exploring new futures and realities.

I extrapolate alternative future visions that amplify the “wrong” and thereby provoke discussion and critical reflection. Using trend research and interviews I speculate about possible realities. Then I use creative concept development skills, digital sketching and prototypes to create a provoking future scenario. I bring this scenario to a group of people where I create a safe space for discussion. I capture this discussion through qualitative data analysis and translate the results to valuable insights. These insights can help in determining a strategy for the future. During this process continuous contact with stakeholders, partners and team members is vital.

In conversations I am empathic and open. By doing this, I try to be as objective as possible and create a space for the other to share their opinions, beliefs, norms and values. I am unafraid to question those in a comfortable, but critical, way. However, my most valuable trait is that I am unafraid to question my own beliefs, opinions, norms and values. This makes me into a strong speculative designer.